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Kiri no Naka no Sunaipa

Sniper in the Fog

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My name is Kaname Hagiri, but I'm an introduced, more often then not, as Sniper.
I am a human, seventeen years old, with strong psychic powers that revolve, for the most part, around my skills in sharpshooting.
Although I am a talent with a gun, I can "shoot" with almost anything and hit almost anyone around me.
I never miss.
In addition to this, if my target is in my territory, I don't need to aim.

Most consider me a bit of a loner.
I don't mind.
It's not that I am completely anti-social, I just don't find that I need someone else to be around me in order to be content.
If I'm in a group that I don't find interesting, I'll go off on my own.
It's not an insult to anyone but if you have some sort of a self-obsorbed problem with that, I don't want to hear about it.